WFH - Parent Life

WFH - Parent Life

by Recruitment Manager

As Covid 19 continues to keep us apart, most people by now are used to working in a home-based office environment whilst also trying to juggle parenthood.

Before Covid (this is what life going forward is now going to be known as BC (Before Covid) and after), the prospect of working from home seemed idyllic… the reality that we find ourselves in now is very different; having to juggle work commitments – conference calls, online meetings etc and hectic family life simultaneously.

We are lucky to be able to work from home with minimal risk to our health

Having worked from home in a previous role a few years back (without children) this did not phase me but unfortunately, I have a new, tiny work colleague at home – and she is needier than any I have encountered before.

My husband – also now at home – and I have suddenly taken on new roles as lunch caterers, tv controller and general dogsbody and assistants to our mini-executive, all on top of our regular jobs. Every day feels like a Monday…

Of course, I’m not alone in the new normal of balancing ever-present kids with work; parents across the globe are tackling this issue, with sometimes hilarious results.

Just ask political science professor Robert Kelly, who created one of 2017’s most viral moments after his two young children floated into his office just as he was being interviewed live on BBC News television.

My new work colleague is Aoibhin, 2, who’s been working with me for the past 5 weeks. Her experience includes daily in-depth market research and knowledge of Paw Patrol. She also likes to “organis