Common Interview Questions and Answers

Most Common Interview Questions and Answers

4th July 2022

Interviews will make or break your application for a role, and as a result, you need to get any advantage as you can, to help, we’ve put together a number of common interview questions that you might get asked and how to answer them.

With these handy common interview questions and answers plus tips, you’ll have your new job in no time.

Tell Us About Yourself

A simple and common interview question on the surface but one that many people stumble on. For this question, it’s a good idea to keep it short and mention a few highlights that are particularly relevant to the job you’re applying for and the company.

While a quick mention that you have a family and a pet dog is nice, you must remember that you’re at a job interview being assessed on your ability to be the right person for the job. So, if you’ve won an employee of the year award or earned a high qualification then it is worth mentioning those over your love of a