Back to the Future

A return to the office

29th September 2020

As companies slowly return to the workplace what impact will it have? Like everything in life, there are pros and cons related to a return to the office.

For people who have been struggling with trying to find space at home for the home office and the mental health issues related to working from home, it might be a welcome relief to get back into the work environment.

A ‘one size fits all’ strategy will not work for everyone.

Some might be glad to finally slip out of the slippers and slip back into some less comfortable work shoes! Laces? Heels? What are they I hear you scream!

We were quick to pack up our offices and bolt out of the office and car parks with our favourite mug packed into a box with our laptops, highlighters, screens and keyboards. But maybe we’re not so fast to get back into the car, face commuter traffic again, purchase over-priced takeaway coffee and return the highlighters to the stationery cupboard!

The mental challenges we faced at the start of working from home and the pandemic still weigh on our minds. Are we afraid that readjusting our routines of the past 6 months will reactivate the stress and anxiety experienced at the start of what we thought was going to be a two-week break from the office? God be with the days when ‘the fear’ was related to waking up with a hangover from a heavy night on the sesh…now the new ‘fear