The Candidate: An Unexpected Journey

The Candidate: An Unexpected Journey

10th September 2020

I reached out to PE Global when I was working in Asia. I was hoping to return to Ireland and I found a position they were offering. It was a bit of a shot in the dark for me personally but PE Global assisted me in arranging online interviews and kick-starting the process.

I was very much part of the PE Global family

Both PE Global’s client, the company offering the role, and I felt the position needed more discussion in person, however, I was seeking an immediate return to employment as soon as I got back to Ireland so I needed something with an immediate start. I had found another, more temporary role, in the meantime that I could start as soon as I returned.

However, PE Global reached out to me not long after I returned to Ireland, ensuring me their client was still interested in talking to me. So, through PE Global, I got back in touch with the company and a short few weeks later I found myself at a company induction day with Johnson & Johnson in Limerick.

Moving to Johnson & Johnson was a massive change for me. I came from a business background and had spent some years in education in Asia. I was hardly Mr. Science and Engineering but I had a deep learning curve when I joined as a contractor back in October 2018. Thankfully, I was given great interview preparation from Seán Molloy, a Recruitment Consultant at PE Global and I felt confident to take on the challenge when I arrived. It was person