How to get the most from a Recruitment Agency

Maximise your recruitment agency

29th June 2022

Working with an Agency should be viewed as an extension of your own recruitment process.  A dedicated recruiter can assist you in fulfilling your Company’s needs, but to utilise their services and ensure you get the maximum benefit it is important that you put in the time to explain exactly what you require, in terms of candidates, their skillsets, their experience, etc.

Pitching on your behalf so the more they know the better

As we all know it is a candidate’s market at the moment for most industries so this is why it is crucial that the recruiter is fully briefed on aspects of not only the role but also your company.

They will be pitching on your behalf so the more they know the better they can speak about your company’s selling points.

Stay engaged with the recruiter and provide feedback on all CV submittals. If they are missing the mark tell them. Trust me, recruiters don’t take it personally and it will save them as much time as it will save you.

Think about your ideal candidate and tell the recruiter. B