How to tackle negative online comments

Keyboard warriors!

25th May 2022

Does anyone else find there are certain social media platforms where people love to vent?

Often undertaking a targeted social media campaign on the likes of Facebook and Instagram can result in a litany of abuse from randomers!

Don’t ignore negative comments – you are only going to add fuel to their fire!

The keyboard warriors that take to Google Reviews and Glassdoor to vent their frustrations are even more frustrating for us as we can’t identify who these people are, or what their grievance is and therefore we are unable to assist them by addressing their issue and developing a suitable reply and we can’t attempt to resolve their problem.

Okay, quite often when it comes to the likes of Glassdoor or Google Reviews we can sometimes identify them as a disgruntled former employee who has taken to the keyboard to slate us. Believe me, there needs to be a very good and valid reason for anyone to be dismissed. These are the easier ones to reply to