The Isolation of WFH

The Isolation of WFH

6th October 2020

Do you worry about how the isolation of working from home is affecting you? Feel stupid about it and don’t consider it a ‘real’ problem? Surely ‘real’ problems are such things as trying to juggle children, home life and work life. Or being furloughed or made redundant and having to worry about finances and mortgage repayments.

We miss the lack of interaction with the wider world

Turns out isolation is a real problem and you are not alone in trying to cope with it. It actually affects more people than you might think (even the strong people who you think couldn’t possibly be fazed by anything!).

WFH undoubtedly requires a lot of self-confidence and belief in yourself. Gone are the days of the positive reinforcement we once relied on from body language and the ‘vibe’ from being in an office. We miss the lack of interaction with the wider world and, although we won’t admit it, we miss listening to other people’s conversations in the office!

Anxiety and stress are just two of the issues isolation can lead to. The lack of self-discipline we are suddenly faced with can have a negative impact on our health, both mentally and physically…we’ve all heard the light from the fridge calling us, haven’t we?!

Perspective is gone out the window (along with our willpower). Suddenly there is no one there to help you gain perspective when things go wrong. We can no longer ask a colleague to go into the boardroom with u