Remote Interviewing Tips

Remote Interviewing

The way companies are interviewing has changed

Adapting to the new era of online interviews is essential in our current landscape. Companies have shifted their interviewing methods to platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Here are some tips to help you prepare for and excel in online interviews:

Adapt to the new way of interviewing and doing business

Familiarize Yourself with the Interview Platform: Download and get acquainted with the interview app well in advance. Ensure you understand how to log in and whether you need an account.

Meeting Link and Access Code: Keep the email containing the personal meeting link and access code safe, as you will need them to join the interview.

Practice Makes Perfect: Consider rehearsing with a family member or friend and record your practice session. Focus on both common interview questions and behavioral questions that may arise.

Optimize Lighting and Background: Ensure you are well-lit and sitting in front of a neutral background. Position yourself at eye level with the camera to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

Minimize Distractions: Silence notifications on your phone and computer to prevent interruptions.  Choose a quiet room and lock the door if possible to minimize external noise.  Close unnecessary programs on your computer to avoid pop-ups and ensure a smooth video and audio feed.

Audio and Video Check: Verify that your microphone and camera are working correctly before the interview. Learn how to turn them on and off if necessary.

Professional Attire: Dress as you would for an in-person interview, as it helps maintain a professional appearance and mindset.

Presentation and Grooming: Pay attention to your appearance, including makeup, hair, and attire.

Smile and Maintain Positivity: Smile as you would during an in-person interview to convey enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

Stay Calm and Manage Stress:  If you feel nervous, try running cold water over the back of your wrists to reduce stress. Stay hydrated and take deep breaths if necessary.