Buddy Programme

15th November 2021

When WFH hit the need to connect with colleagues, especially new colleagues, became vital. Whilst we previously had a mentoring programme in place things had to change to take into account the way we work together had changed.

So how did we welcome new team members and ensure they felt part of the company?

Be the company people come to work for

By ensuring they had a friendly face at the end of a camera or a voice at the end of a phone to have a coffee, chat or to ask questions in confidence to.

The key? Because we have a number of divisions at PE Global, buddying a new starter with someone from another team, allowed them to ask those questions they may not be comfortable asking their own team members.

Did it work? It was a huge success based on just a snippet of some of the feedback here…

“The buddy programme you’ve set out has been of great benefit to me personally”

“It’s the little chats while making coffee and having the laugh with colleagues that is always an important part of feeling part of the team”

“It gives the new member of staff a point of contact that they are not answerable to”

“It was good to learn what others do in PE Global, and get more insight into the company.”

“Starting a new job is always daunting and I feel it’s great to have someone else to turn to besides your own manager and team”

“I had a really good experience with the buddy programme and would suggest it is used for others starting in PE Global.&