Understanding the Role of a Nursing Agency in the United Kingdom

Understanding the Role of a Nursing Agency in the United Kingdom

31st August 2023

Nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare industry, providing compassionate and skilled care to those in need. However, for many reasons, nurses may decide to work with a nursing agency rather than directly with the National Health Service (NHS). In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into what nursing agencies are, how they operate in the UK, and the benefits they can offer for both nurses and healthcare facilities.

Whether you're looking for full-time work, part-time work, or just a few shifts here and there, nursing agencies can help you find opportunities that fit your schedule.

Definition of Nursing Agency

A nursing agency is a company that specializes in providing temporary or permanent staff for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. These agencies act as intermediaries between healthcare facilities seeking staff and nurses looking for work. Nursing agencies typically employ registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nurse assistants (CNAs) who are available to work on short notice.

Overview of How Nursing Agencies Operate in the UK

In the United Kingdom, nursing agencies operate similarly to those found elsewhere around the world. These agencies maintain a pool of qualified nursing professionals who are available to fill shifts at hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare organizations. When healthcare providers require additional staffing support due to short staffing or high demand periods such as flu season or COVID-19 spikes among other reasons they reach out to these agencies who then match them with qualified nurses from their pool of professionals.

Benefits of Working with a Nursing Agency in London and the UK

If you’re a UK-based nurse looking for work, you might want to consider working with a nursing agency in London or elsewhere in the UK. There are several benefits to doing so, including:

1. Flexible Working Hours and Shifts

One of the most significant advantages of working with a nursing agency is the flexibility it offers in terms of working hours and shifts. Whether you’re looking for full-time work, part-time work, or just a few shifts here and there, nursing agencies can help you find opportunities that fit your schedule.

2. Access to More Varied Work Opportunities

Another benefit of working with a nursing agency is that it gives you access to more varied work opportunities than you might otherwise have. Nursing agencies typically have relationships with a wide range of NHS hospitals and healthcare providers, which means they can offer their nurses more diverse work assignments.

3. Access to a Wider Network of NHS Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

In addition to providing access to more varied work opportunities, working with a nursing agency also gives you access to a wider network of NHS hospitals and healthcare providers. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re looking for work outside your local area or if you’re interested in exploring different specialties within the nursing field.

4. Increased Professional Development Opportunities

Working with a nursing agency means you’ll have access to an extensive variety of placements that offer diverse experiences and challenges. This will help broaden your skills and knowledge base, allowing you to develop your expertise as a nurse.

5. Higher Rates of Pay Compared to Traditional NHS Roles

Nursing agencies often offer higher rates of pay compared to traditional NHS roles, which is appealing for those looking to maximize their earning potential. Additionally, agencies usually provide other perks such as flexible work hours or travel allowances.


In conclusion, nurses in the United Kingdom can benefit greatly from working with a nursing agency. These agencies offer a variety of options for nurses looking for work, including temporary assignments, long-term placements, and permanent positions. By working with an agency, nurses have access to a wide range of job opportunities that they may not otherwise have been aware of.

Some key benefits of working with a nursing agency include flexibility in scheduling, competitive pay rates, and the ability to gain experience in a variety of healthcare settings. Additionally, nursing agencies often provide additional support to their nurses such as training opportunities and mentorship programs.

If you are a nurse looking for work in London or throughout the UK, we encourage you to explore the different options available through a nursing agency. Not only will you have access to more job opportunities but you will also have the support and resources necessary to excel in your career. Joining an NHS nursing agency can be an excellent option for those who are looking for ways to advance their career while still maintaining flexibility and control over their schedule.

In summary, working with a nursing agency can be highly beneficial for nurses in the UK. From flexible scheduling to competitive pay rates and career development opportunities, there are many reasons why nurses should consider joining an NHS nursing agency. So if you’re ready to take your career to the next level, get in touch start exploring your options today with PE Global Healthcare!

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