Controlling the Controllables

Controlling the Controllables

10th February 2021

While a lot of situations are currently out of our control…the pandemic, outbreaks, the weather, the past, other people’s decisions (no matter how they impact us), redundancies, salary cuts, other people’s unhappiness, time.

Make life what you want it to be

The things you can’t control in life can seriously disrupt your peace of mind. The line ‘it is what it is’ tells the world that you’ve accepted the current situation in its entirety and you are ready to move on.  Don’t waste your energy on something that wasn’t ever in your hands.

The only thing you have control over is yourself.  You can only control the things that are within your power. You can take charge of your decisions, attitude and reactions.   Learn to let go of the things in life that are not in your control.

Yes, everything in life changes but if you think about it positively it also means nothing stays the same.  Time is not in your hands, and amazing memories will fade but every day is a new day, where anything could happen.  Look at change as an opportunity to do s