How to become a Contractor

Thinking of becoming a contractor?

Becoming a contractor is a significant career choice that offers various benefits but also comes with specific considerations.

Here’s a summary of key points to consider before embarking on a contracting career:

What Is a Contractor?

A contractor provides specialized services to a company for a predetermined fee and duration.

There are numerous benefits associated with becoming a Contractor


Why Become a Contractor with PE Global?

PE Global collaborates with a diverse range of regional and international companies across sectors such as pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, biotechnology, IT, medical devices, financial services, construction, healthcare, and more.

Benefits of Becoming a Contractor:

  • Higher Earnings: Contractors often receive higher pay rates than permanent employees for their specialized skills.
  • Tax Efficiency: Contract work can offer tax advantages, with lower tax rates compared to permanent employment.
  • Independence: Contractors have the freedom to choose their projects and work independently.
  • Flexibility: The ability to change jobs regularly and adapt to different work environments.
  • No Company Politics: Contractors are usually not involved in internal company politics.
  • Self-Training: Contractors can select their own training, which is typically tax-deductible.
  • No Fixed Holidays: Contractors have the flexibility to determine their holiday schedule.

Cons of Becoming a Contractor:

  • No Holiday or Sick Pay: Contractors do not receive paid leave for holidays or sick days.
  • Administrative Responsibilities: If operating as a limited company, contractors must manage record-keeping for tax and VAT purposes.
  • Limited Job Security: Contr