Returning home to Ireland to work

Returning home to Ireland and how PE Global can help

“Should I return home?”.

How many Irish people living overseas ask themselves that question on a daily basis, while missing their family, friends and home comforts?

Most of us at some stage have considered the attractive benefits of joining the thousands of Irish people working abroad in various locations throughout the globe.  While there are many attractive advantages to making the move, a lot of us agree that there’s no place like home (Dorothy and her red shoes were right after all!).

A move home raises many questions that most people haven’t considered before

We’re always being asked by Irish people living and working abroad what the Irish jobs market is currently like as they consider taking the step to return home for good.

Luckily Ireland as a relocation destination has a lot to offer.

A move home raises many questions that most people haven’t considered before until they need to.

Do I hold out for an offer before I move back or should I wait and look for a job when I return home? Are there many jobs in Ireland? What salary should I expect? 

These are all valid questions! The good news is we’re here to help at PE Global. Every day we are speaking to companies and candidates alike who are active in the market.

Over the years we have assisted candidates returning home to Ireland from Asia, Australia, Canada, mainland Europe and the UK.  PE Global work with industry leaders in a number of different fields who are always interested in attracting the best talent in the market and regularly assist with relocation.

Virtual interviews make it easier than ever to secure a position before getting on the plane to come home. (See our tips for Remote Interviewing)

Companies now more than ever are willing to assist experienced candidates in their relocation back to Ireland. We have seen companies in certain cases support flights and relocation costs which takes a huge burden off the thought of returning home to Ireland.

If you are one of the many thousands of people who moved abroad in recent years, now considering a move home to Ireland in the near future we are here