CV Preparation

How to prepare your CV

The “Common” Sense Approach to Writing Your CV

Every now and again we all take the opportunity to reflect on their career paths, leading some to explore new career options. Whether you haven’t applied for a job in years, are entering the workforce for the first time, or returning after a break, it’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of first impressions, with your CV being the first point of contact.

Your CV is your chance to create a positive impression, secure an interview, and potentially land your next role.

Don’t underestimate the importance of first impressions and your CV is just that

Even if you’re not actively job hunting, it’s a good idea to keep an up-to-date CV on hand. This way, you’re prepared to apply for a suitable role should one arise, or if you’re contacted about an opportunity that piques your interest. To make your CV stand out, it should clearly demonstrate how your experience, education, and skillset align with the role you’re applying for, especially if you’re seeking a significant career change.

Despite common myths about CVs, such as the idea that it should never exceed two pages, the length of your CV should be guided by your work history and the specific expectations of the recruiter or employer. Different professionals may have varying opinions on CV length, so it’s wise to follow the advice of the recruiter you’re working with, as they are familiar with their client’s preferences and needs.

When applying directly for a role, don’t assume that hiring managers can decipher your CV accurately if it lacks essential information. Layout and presentation matter, correct spelling is essential, and your CV should strike a balance between being too short and overly long.

Here are some tips for crafting an effective CV:

1. Personal Details: Include your name, contact information, and address, at least the area you’re based in, which is helpful for recruiters assessing your suitability for specific locations.

2. Personalised Summary: Write a co