Creating the feel good factor

It's not hard work

30th March 2022

Squiggly career journeys…are you looking for some ideas with regard to how to progress your career journey? If so, have curious conversations with people outside your circle. You can stimulate thinking about your career journey by finding out about other people’s squiggly career journeys, what their typical day looks like and what their work priorities are.

It takes 5 minutes to make a simple gesture…but the afterglow lasts longer!


The goal-den hour…we’re all very capable of setting time aside for other things besides ourselves. But setting aside an hour to work on our own goals is equally as important as the rest of the things going on in our lives. Use this hour to work on things that matter to you.

A simple gesture…we all know that warm feeling we get inside when we do a good turn for someone else. We’re not talking about big over the top gestures just a simple act of kindness like leaving someone a glowing recommendation on LinkedIn can light the feel-good fires within us.  It takes 5 minutes…but the afterglow lasts longer!

Never forget the things you do well…when things get on top of us and we simply feel useless, we start to batter ourselves. Instead, remember what you are good at. Press pause and reflect on your strengths or just something you are good at.  Bring some perspective back into the situation. Do it now, write down one thing you are