Keep growing, keep evolving, keep succeeding are the secret to your continuing success

15th July 2020

Don’t let the current bleak situation knock your career confidence. You are still that confident go-getter that you were before this pandemic hit. Sometimes our inner critic takes over, especially when we are in isolation and the voice inside us becomes louder as there are no work colleagues around you to drown it out!

Don’t underestimate the importance of first impressions and your CV is just that

People with a really strong inner critic, especially those who suffer from imposter syndrome, will struggle during these times with visualising how they are going to get ahead. Some people are happy to simply get through the weeks and months and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We are doing well to get from day to day at the moment. If, however, you are struggling with self-promotion don’t let yourself unravel and stop listening to that inner critic.

Ignore that confidence gremlin, the one who tells you that you are not good enough and holds you back. No one is doing this to you, or saying this to you, except that irritating mischievous inner creature. This irrational belief can have consequences that will result in you not making those career progressions that you are well and truly capable of making.

If you are still working from home, this isn’t all you are doing. You are at home, working,