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Why PE Global?

  • A leading recruitment agency we are committed to providing 100% confidentiality to all our clients and candidates alike.
  • We have been providing Recruitment & Contracting Services since 2005.  
  • Our clients and candiates appreciate the specialisms we provide. 
  • Due to our integrity and transparent nature in dealing with our clients, we are now requested on a regular basis to provide tailor made and total solutions for our client’s recruitment & contracting needs worldwide.
  • In order to operate as an extension of our client companies we ensure we have a full understanding of their company and industry. 
  • Arming ourselves with this knowledge allow us to identify potentially suitable candidates more readily. 
  • We work very closely with our client through all stages of the Search Process from initial position briefing to securing the candidate.
  • We operate with complete discretion and professionalism ensuring that both our reputation and that of our client remains integral.
  • Our upmost concern while providing our clients with Recruitment & Contracting services is the quality of our total service which includes:
    • Maintaining our client's confidentiality
    • Upholding our client's image and reputation
    • Sourcing the right candidate using all means at our disposal.
  • We provide a cost effective and superior service leading to long lasting beneficial relationships with major global companies. 
  • Our vision involves growing an international reputation for integrity, technical knowledge and ability to deliver our promises.
  • We aim to become the supplier of choice to the key clients in each industry that it provides services to.
  • We offer services across a range of key sectors including:
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